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Along with the full-bodied fragrance of flowers, DXY was born on May 2002 in Harbin Medical University, which is crowed with blooming lilac in the north of China, And DXY is short for lilac garden in Chinese Pinyin indeed. As its beautiful name indicates, DXY has been the best-known online academic brand among Chinese medical professionals with the guidance of the spirit “Professional is the Soul, Professional is the Key, Professional is the Core”.

DXY currently attracts more than 4 million medical, pharmaceutical and life science professionals here to carry wide-ranging professional discussions, and this number is still increasing at a rate of 30000 per month. In China, From the large cities with abundant medical resources to less developed areas that are in urgent need of medical information, we can find registered members of DXY in all of these areas.

With a series of novel and innovative products such as Human Resource Service, News Channels, Academic Conference Report, Biomart, Social product, Health Apps, and Survey Online, Not only does DXY fill the information gap, she has also become China's largest E -marketing platform for the pharmaceutical community.

The brilliant future is ahead and DXY keeps running forward to achieve higher goals, and it will create better future with unremitting efforts.

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